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Treat your guests to an immersive tasting session and explore what the Chivas range has to offer for that classic experience of mesmeric blends.

You can find the experience at the following venues


From the moment you step into COYA Dubai, you instantly get transported into a world of Incan heritage and Latin American culture.

Inspired by the original fusion food of Peru, the menu at COYA is a perfect blend of Japanese, Chinese and Spanish cuisine for a truly unique taste and sensation.

- Core range tasting 12,mizunara,XV,18
- Tasting Menu
- Session for 8-15 guests
- Price: AED 340
- Availability: Tuesday nights

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Bull & Bear

Set in the charming Waldorf Astoria in DIFC, Bull & Bear is your go-to spot to explore an original, imaginative cuisine with a global twist. Stylishly sociable, it invites you to simply sit back and enjoy the moment during the day or night.

- Core range tasting 12,mizunara,XV,18
- Canapes
- Session for 6-8 guests
- Price AED 250
- Availability: Monday nights

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CÉ LA VI, the French saying “This is Life”. Born in Southeast Asia, inspired by the region’s creative legacy, CÉ LA VI’s DNA is deeply rooted in the artistic influences of the region’s art, carvings, paintings and temples. CÉ LA VI serves Contemporary Asian cuisine from the masters in the kitchen straight to your plate.

- Chivas 18
- Canapes
- Session for 6-8 guests
- Price AED 300
- Availability: Sunday nights

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Reservation Terms

- Each Blend Session should be booked at least 5 days in advance and confirmation will be sent depending on availability.

- Each Blend Session can have a minimum of 8 people and a maximum of 15 people.

- Bookings will be confirmed through The Chivas Brand Ambassador.

- Customer payments should be made directly to the outlet based on the price stipulated on the website.

- Sessions can be canceled up to 48 hours in advance.

- Cancellation of an attendee can be made up to one day in advance.

- The Blend Sessions are strictly for ages 21 and above.