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Where can you get your hands on your own set of custom Chivas glasses?

The first step is to buy any two Chivas products at one of the following approved retailers. Afterwards you can claim and customize your glasses right here.

Online shops

Legal Home Delivery - Dubai Al Hamra Cellar – RAK Download the Barracuda App


Purchase 2 bottles from any of the following retailers: MMI stores in Dubai, Unisat stores in Ajman, Barracuda, Al Hamra Cellar in RAK, or Eurostar Cellar Ghantoot.

MMI Dubai
Unisat Ajman
Al Hamra Cellar RAK
Eurostar Cellar Ghantoot

Customize your set now

Customize your set now

A gift from us to celebrate that friendship is a blend Here’s to always drinking together

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