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Bartending cannot escape the reality of the future. The world is changing, the bar community needs to be ready to move with it. There is a global trend to promote more sustainable practices and this is evident within the Bar World.

Pernod Ricard Ghana have been teaming up with the Bartender’s Guild of Ghana to teach The Bar World of Tomorrow platform, showing professional bartenders & mixologists about the importance of ecology in bartending and promoting personal sustainability and health.

We are now challenging mixologists to create cocktails that are sustainable to help promote a better future within the industry. We want to give you the chance to show us how you can shape the future.

What is a sustainable cocktail exactly? Using locally sourced ingredients with a lower carbon footprint. GMO and pesticide free crops. Fairtrade and sustainable farming. Reusing waste products like citrus skins, peels and rinds to create new ingredients and flavours. Homemade syrups and juices that reduce plastic waste. Lower calorie drinks. There are many ways to be sustainable and conscious of the impact we will have on the environment. There is no best way to do thing, yet all the small changes we make can have a huge impact in the future.

To enter the competition:

1. Post a video making your sustainable Chivas cocktail on Instagram or Facebook
2. Include sustainable ingredients - and tell us why it’s sustainable!
3. Your cocktail must include at least 4cl of Chivas 12, XV or 18 year old
4. Use the hashtags - #ChivasCocktailsOfTheFuture and #Chivas
5. Tag @ChivasRegal

Cocktails will be judged first on how sustainable they are, along with their story, taste, aesthetic and aroma. The top 5 finalists will be selected for a grand final on 16th August for a chance to win 5000 cedis.

Good luck!
Team Chivas