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Chivas Regal Ultis Victory Edition

Chivas Regal Ultis 1999 Victory Edition Scotch Whisky

An intricate balance of flavours unite to create an outstanding blend in the Chivas Regal Ultis 1999 Victory Edition. A celebration of Manchester United’s 1999 “Treble” win. A feat so grand that their achievement lives on today. Matched by a scotch whisky to never forget. Because blended is better, in life and in Scotch.

Guided by Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United was the first English team to achieve the “Treble”, winning the Premier League, FA Cup and the European Cup in the same season. In honour of this victory, we’ve hand-selected three of Chivas Regal most precious signature single malts—one for each of Manchester United’s wins — to create a standout blended scotch whisky.
Chivas Regal Ultis Manchester United’s Victory

The Blend

The Chivas Regal Ultis 1999 Victory Edition unites three single malt scotch whiskies, each outstanding in its own right but bringing a wealth of flavour when combined. All distilled in the same year as Manchester United’s victory, Strathisla Single Malt has been matured in traditional oak, Longmorn Single Malt in American Oak and Braeval Single Malt in Sherry Butts to add additional layers and depth of flavour.

Tasting Notes

Three precious and treasured single malts scotch whisky result in a commanding whisky characterised by a rich golden hue, a powerful aroma and a complex taste. The creamy vanilla notes from Traditional Oak Casks are complemented by a hint of nutty oak and rich spice from American Casks and European Sherry Butts respectively.

Relive the treble

Chivas Regal Ultis Manchester United’s Victory

“As people would say, some things are just meant to happen.”
Andrew Cole, 1995 - 2001. Treble Winner.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Manchester United’s historic treble, we spoke with some of the legends who made it happen and some of the fans who witnessed the club’s historic achievement.

Relive Manchester United's Glory!

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