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<small>Manuel Alejandro Millan Ponce de Lion</small>CHIVAS MASTER GLOBAL WINNER 2016

Bootlegger bar, Puebla, Mexico

“Winning the Chivas masters has represented
a very important opportunity in my career. I had the fortune
to meet many important people in the industry at an international level,
as well as see what the bartenders are doing at the global level,
and all this has allowed me to grow as a bartender.”

Since winning the Chivas Masters in 2016, Alex has conquered some new ground in what competitions should inspire bartenders to look beyond their own drinks making skills, bartending and how to ‘win the right way’. In Shanghai for the final, Alex managed to triumph over his other competitors to reach the final 3 whereby he then had to choose a unique team from the remaining competitors, all of whom he had been challenged against throughout the previous 3 days of challenges. The judges, Internationally recognised and award winning shared their knowledge with the competitors on how to successfully win this competition by building a team and winning the coveted title of Chivas Masters Collective, proving that Success Tastes Better Shared. Alex then took his winning team (as part of the overall prize) to celebrate and unite once again at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans.

We also welcomed Alex to Europe where he had the chance to support the Chivas team at London Cocktail week, travel to Scotland to visit Strathisla Distillery, home of Chivas Regal and also have a one to one experience with Colin Scott (Custodian Master Blender) as he got to understand the blending skills from the Master himself. 2 Masters in one room = a Masterpiece!

Following this we travelled to the biggest Bar Show in the world BCB in Berlin where Alex bartended alongside the Winner of the Best Mixologist in Germany, also a competitor at the Chivas Masters Final in Shanghai. Finally we brought Alex back to London where he completed a guest shift at Happiness Forgets (Winner of the Best International Cocktail Bar at Tales of the Cocktail 2016)

All three of the above will be attending the Global Final in Tokyo this year where they will be inspiring the other bartenders from around the world on how to benefit from working closely with Chivas, understanding the importance of loyalty, shared success and working together to reach a more impactful outcome. Experience and bartending blended together.

Alejandro Millán used ingredients from across Mexico naming his cocktail after the field workers who spend long hours collecting them.


50ml Chivas Regal 12 Year Old
20ml Amaro Averna liqueur
15ml Vermouth extra dry
15ml Homemade cacao and dry chilli syrup
2 sprays of mezcal infused with coffee beans and orange peel

Pour all ingredients into a shaker.
Add ice and throw between tins.
Serve in crafted Mexican vessel.
Garnish with dry orange wheel, sugared cacao powder and mint.