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Create your own signature blend

Have you got what it takes to be a blending genius? The Chivas range of blends famously bring together Scotland’s a-list single malt and grain whiskies to create something truly unique. Now it’s your turn to create your signature blend from the comfort of your own home.

What's in the kit?

Inside the kit you’ll find everything you need to start to crafting your blend:

1x 5cl bottle of Chivas 12
1 5cl bottle of blended grain whisky
4x 5cl bottles of single malts
1x Pipette & Beaker
1x empty bottle

Each of the malt and grain whiskies that make up your blending experience have different characteristics and flavours, which combine to create an extraordinary blended scotch whisky. Whether you’re a whisky newbie or a total pro, we’ll guide you through the process of blending to craft a whisky based on your own taste.

Are you ready to become a whisky whizz?

Start making a blend!

It’s time to start blending. Scroll down to read more about the whiskies and select your flavour preferences.


This blended grain whisky is your base. It’s a smooth operator with an unassuming sweetness. The true heart of the blend, tying the other characters together, making it well-rounded.

How much do you like floral notes?
I don’t like floral notes
I like the smell of a bouquet
I enjoy elderflower cordial
Jasmine tea is my favourite
I love Parma Violets


The injection of sweetness in the blend. A bountifully rich whisky jam-packed with ripe fruits.

How fruity would you like your blend?
I don’t like fruity drinks
I like a hint of fruit in my water
Pears and apples are the fruits for me
I’d swim in fruit punch
I love ripe pears in syrup


The zing that bursts through the other whiskies. A fresh, zesty character that’s balanced and delicately sweet. Think marmalade and juicy berries.

How zesty would you like your whisky?
No citrus at all, thanks!
I like a touch of zest
I enjoy berry compote
I usually pick lemon desserts
I love the smell of grated orange peel


The ultimate decadence. A luxurious single malt that feels like pure silk on the tongue, with a decadently rich finish.

How velvety do you want your blend?
I prefer my drinks fresh
I love a buttered croissant
I like lots of milk in my tea
Think butterscotch toffees
Creamy liqueurs are my favourite


Bringing the brawn of the Scottish islands, this whisky packs a serious punch. The smoky flavour comes from the peat fires used to dry the barley. Be warned- it’s not for the faint-hearted!

How much smoke would you like in your blend?
Not even a wisp!
I like smoked bacon
Feed me everything from the BBQ
I love the smell of bonfires
Stick my head in a peat chimney!

Thanks for your answers!

Enter your name to personalise your blend.

We’ll get to work putting your blend mix together.

Name 's Chivas Blend

Here’s your signature blend.

BlendKit_ResultsCreamy (7.5ml)Citrus (2.5ml)Fruity (10ml)Floral (25ml)Smoky (5ml)
BlendKit_ResultsCreamy (10ml)Citrus (5ml)Fruity (15ml)Floral (19ml)Smoky (1ml)
BlendKit_ResultsCreamy (2.5ml) Citrus (10ml)Fruity (7.5ml)Floral (29ml)Smoky (1ml)
BlendKit_ResultsCitrus (5ml)Fruity (10ml)Floral (19ml)Creamy (15ml)Smoky (1ml)
BlendKit_ResultsCitrus (10ml)Fruity (2.5ml)Floral (34ml)Creamy (2.5ml)Smoky(1ml)
BlendKit_ResultsCitrus (5ml)Fruity (15ml)Floral (22.5ml)Creamy (5ml)Smoky (2.5ml)
BlendKit_ResultsCitrus (15ml)Fruity (5ml)Floral (22.5ml)Creamy (5ml)Smoky (2.5ml)
BlendKit_ResultsCitrus (0ml)Fruity (10ml)Floral (27.5ml)Creamy (10ml)Smoky (2.5ml)
BlendKit_ResultsCitrus (7.5ml)Fruity (2.5ml)Floral (32.5ml)Creamy (5ml)Smoky (2.5ml)
BlendKit_ResultsFloral (19ml) C reamy (12.5ml) C itrus (2.5ml) F ruity (15ml) S moky (1ml)
BlendKit_ResultsCitrus (7.5ml)Fruity (15ml)Floral (24ml)Creamy (2.5ml)Smoky (1ml)
BlendKit_ResultsCitrus (2.5ml)Fruity (15ml)Floral (29ml)Creamy (2.5ml)Smoky (1ml)
BlendKit_ResultsCitrus (12.5ml)Fruity (5ml)/text>Floral (29ml)Creamy (2.5ml)Smoky (1ml)
BlendKit_ResultsCitrus (12.5ml)Fruity (5ml)Floral (19ml)Creamy (12.5ml)Smoky (1ml)
BlendKit_ResultsCitrus (5ml)Fruity (5ml)Floral (29ml)Creamy (10ml)Smoky (1ml)
BlendKit_ResultsCitrus (5ml) Fruity (12.5ml)Floral (25ml)Creamy(7.5ml)Smoky (0ml)
BlendKit_ResultsCitrus (5ml) Fruity (12.5ml)Floral (23.5ml)Creamy (7.5ml)Smoky (1.5ml)

To create your masterpiece, we recommend adding your amounts of each whisky into the glass beaker, filling up to the ‘My Blend’ line. Give it a quick stir, then have a smell and a taste. If you feel like it needs some adjusting, now’s the time to experiment. This is your own personal blend, so it’s up to you to make something you love.

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