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What you need to know this week. Brought to you by The Venture and Fast Company.

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What you need to know this week. Brought to you by The Venture and Fast Company.

The Article:Four Powerful Ways To Figure Out What You Should Do With Your Career In 2016
The Publisher:Forbes
The Scoop:As the New Year approaches, many people will begin working on career resolutions. Here are four steps to ensure you are getting the most from your work and help you discover how to transform your career into one you love.

The Article:A Bunch Of New Startups Are Trying To Make It Cheaper And Easier For Immigrants To Send Money Home
The Publisher:Business Insider
The Scoop:The financial transfer industry has long been confined to cash transfers and physical storefronts, but as more services move towards mobile platforms, several new, competitive apps that will allow immigrants to send money home from anywhere in the world have emerged.

The Article:How Does Company Culture Actually Lead To Success?
The Publisher:Entrepreneur
The Scoop:Company culture is more than just a timely buzzword—it’s also a major component for a business’ long-term success. By identifying and highlighting a specific mission or set of values, a company can attract new talent and inspire loyalty from employees and customers alike.

The Article:Can Tech Solve Climate Change?
The Publisher:TechCrunch
The Scoop:While the search for climate change solutions continue to grow, an answer may be found in an unexpected source: your cell phone.

The Article:Harvesting Cities: Farms Of The Future?
The Publisher:How We Get To Next
The Scoop:Farm-to-Table meals are easily found on the menus of popular restaurants across the world, but the movement has seen slow growth in urban neighborhoods. One London-based café is working to combat this by bringing locally farmed food to its surrounding community.

The Article:Seven Amazing Apps That Will Empower Citizens
The Publisher:Medium
The Scoop:From an app that helps you locate fresh local produce to one that can record your favorite local bike routes and share them with your neighbors, these seven helpful services are just a click away.

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