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Follow this year’s Chivas Venture finalists on social media as they journey through the competition.

Social media is playing an increasingly prominent role in modern entrepreneurship, allowing businesses to generate their own exposure, funding and interaction with customers in ways that would - until relatively recently - have been utterly inconceivable.

And the tool is still evolving. Aside from being a powerful vessel for a company’s voice and vision, other elements of social media such as crowdfunding are allowing social enterprises to directly tap into and foster communities who are eager to support and form a connection with social change. Now, businesses can make their stories - and the stories of those they are trying to help - available and more personally relatable to a larger number of people than ever before.

It’s a two-way street, one that gives you the option to follow the progress and champion the cause of the Chivas Venture finalist to your heart - all at the click of a button. Here is where you can follow all of the 30 game-changing startups on social media:

Xinca (Argentina): Turning garbage into shoes, whilst employing those who are marginalised from society.
Twitter: @XincaOk
Instagram: @xinca_eco_shoes
Facebook: @XincaSustentables

Words with Heart (Australia):Eco-friendly print & stationery products funding education projects for women and girls.Twitter: @wordswheartInstagram: @wordswithheartFacebook: @wordswithheartau

BeeOdiversity (Belgium): Monitoring bees to reduce pollution and increase biodiversity.Twitter: @BeeOdiversityFacebook: @BeeOdiversity

Livre (Brazil): Transforming any standard wheelchair into an electric tricycle.Instagram: @kitlivreoficialFacebook: @kitlivre

Sea Harmony (Bulgaria): Developing vertical mussel-farming reefs to restore marine ecosystems.
Facebook: @seaharmonybg
Twitter: @seaharmonybg

Bioestibas (Colombia):Eco-friendly pallets manufactured from wasted flower stalks.Twitter: @bioestibas

Sens Foods (Czech Republic):Healthy & sustainable protein bars made with cricket flour.Twitter: @SENSFoodsFacebook: @sensfoods

SoloCoco (Dominican Republic):Employing single mothers to produce sustainable coconut oil.Twitter: @OnlyCoconutsFacebook: @Mysolococo

Green City Solutions (Germany):Using special moss cultures to create 'City Trees' that eat air pollution.Facebook: @mygcsTwitter: @mycitytree

Laddroller (Greece):Light and affordable wheelchair enabling users to stand up.Twitter: @laddrollerFacebook: @laddroller

Now Money (Gulf):Mobile banking experience for low-income communities who are excluded from the financial system.Twitter: @NOWMoneyME

BYT (Hong Kong): Turning unwanted fabrics into luxury fashion that cares.
Twitter: @Redress_Asia, @bytlife
Facebook: @RedressAsia, @EcoChic Design Award, @BYTlife
Instagram: @getredressed, @bytlife_
Youtube: @bytlife, @RedressAsia

NowTechnologies (Hungary): Giving hope and mobility at the blink of an eye.Instagram: @nowtechnologies

Intendu (Israel): Brain training platform using video games to aid patients' recovery.
Twitter: @intendu3
Facebook: @Intendu

Factelier (Japan):Reviving craft in rural Japan through fashion, sold directly from factories to consumers.Twitter: @FactelierFacebook: @Factelier

Sanivation (Kenya):Installing toilets in people's homes and turning poop into fuel.Twitter: @sanivation

FOLO farms (Malaysia): Urban farming community turning food waste into compost to grow organic vegetables.
Instagram: @feedourlovedones
Facebook: @FeedOurLovedOnes

WeaRobot (Mexico):Developing affordable, tailor-made exoskeletons supporting movement and rehabilitation.Twitter: @WeaRobot_

RecyclePoints: A Nigerian innovator that sees the hidden value of everyday waste.
Twitter: @RecyclePointsNG
Facebook: @RecyclePoints
Instagram: @RecyclePoints

African Clean Energy (Netherlands): Clean energy device enabling safe smokeless cooking as well as solar energy for light & phone charging.
Twitter: @acelesotho
Instagram: @africancleanenergy
Facebook: @AfricanCleanEnergy

NexBio (Poland): Detecting plant diseases early through DNA analysis, reducing pesticide usage.
Facebook: @nexbio.science

Sun Concept (Portugal): Solar electric boats protecting the environment and coastal working communities.
Facebook: @sunconceptmarine
Twitter: @SunConcept

SoWat (Romania): Transportable filtration unit turning any source of fresh water into clean drinking water for up to 5,000 people per day.
Facebook: @sowatsystem

SmartHead (Slovakia): Online platform enabling companies and individuals to promote their socially-responsible initiatives.
Facebook: @besmarthead
Twitter: @1SmartHead1
Instagram: @SmartHead

iDrop Water (South Africa): Enabling grocery stores to purify and sell drinking water by the litre in reusable containers.
Twitter: @idropwater
Facebook: @idropwater
Instagram: @idropwater

Sea2See (Spain): Converting plastic waste, such as discarded fishing nets, into premium designer eyewear.
Twitter: @Sea2See_Eyewear
Facebook: @sea2see.org
Instagram: @sea2see_eyewear

Siam Organic (Thailand): Empowering small-scale farmers to profitably grow rice using organic farming methods.
Twitter: @siamorganic
Facebook: @siamorganic

Olio (UK): Connecting neighbours with each other and local shops, so that surplus food can be shared, not thrown away.
Facebook: @olioex
Twitter: @OLIO_ex
Instagram: @olio_ex

DayOne Response (USA): Compact 10-litre backpack that collects and purifies water within 30 minutes, proving invaluable for disaster relief.
Twitter: @DayOneResponse
Facebook: @DayOneResponse
Instagram: @dayoneresponse

First Respond (China): First aid training courses to encourage mutual aid in emergency situations.
Instagram: @first_respond_china

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