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Ten alumni from 2016 look back on the lessons they learned during the Chivas Venture.

Every year the Chivas Venture brings together some of the world’s most innovative minds and game-changing entrepreneurs in a bid to empower businesses to create a better future.

Along the way this unique collective of startup founders have learnt a huge amount about what they’re capable of, drawn inspiration from each other and gained skills and experiences that will help them develop and grow their companies long into the future.

Here the 2016 finalists recall the greatest lessons they learned during the Chivas Venture.

The power of storytelling

“In presentations and pitches, good storytelling can help deliver a complicated message or complex concept in a way people can understand and relate to in a short period of time.” Charles Blaschke, co-founder of Taka Solutions

“I learned the importance of telling the right story to the right audience. You have to tailor your approach to get your message across.” Shutong Liu, CEO of MotionECO

“We learned how to communicate our story to all levels, from pitching to investors, on video for social media and to the hundreds of people we met along the way. We really learned about how to develop different messages and voices and the importance of doing this well. However good your business or mission is, if you can’t enable people to understand it you are not going to get far.” Kenny Ewan, founder and CEO of WeFarm

“With hard work and passion, dreams can come true…

Along the way I’ve been lucky enough to visit Oxford, London and New York, meet other world-changers and see how a simple idea can grow into a business that can benefit society and the environment. Don’t underestimate the power of good values and principles applied to business – it can really change the world.” Edison Santos, founder and CEO of ECO Mensajería

“This experience taught me the value of creation and innovation to better the life for communities around you”. Felisberto Caramba, co-founder of Habitec

“When you run a small business, all of your team need to be pulling in the same direction to make a difference in the world.” Onicio Leal, co-founder and CEO of Epitrack

The world is your oyster

“This experience helped me realise that Wakami can work at a global level. The dream of becoming a global brand, a lifestyle brand and a brand that gives hope and transforms lives is well on its way.” Maria Pacheco, co-founder of Wakami

“If your project has a social benefit, you can enjoy the double benefits of gaining access to wider markets and knowing that your work can provide happiness to thousands of people around the world”. John Lewandowski, CEO of Disease Diagnostic Group

“Meeting 26 other entrepreneurs from different countries and companies showed me that there are many, many ways to build an effective and sustainable business”. Or Retzkin, CEO of EyeControl

Sharing is more important than winning

“I learnt that winning the competition isn’t everything. Expanding my network through this experience has been invaluable.” Somsak Boonkam, founder and CEO of Local Alike

“Even though the world can seem a broken place, it’s full of amazing people trying to make it better in truly unique and creative ways. To hear the different stories from the other social entrepreneurs has been utterly inspiring.” Jaco Gerrits, CEO of CrashDetech

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