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Plastic straws suck. Join us to #BarStraws from your drinks, and make waves to protect the ocean.

Did you know that every plastic straw you’ve ever used, is probably still on the planet? They last a few minutes in your cocktail, but remain on the planet for hundreds of years, because they are too small to be recycled. Many of these single-use plastics end up in the ocean, harming marine life and eventually making their way back into our food chain. It is said that by 2050 there could be more plastic than fish in the ocean!

At Chivas, we feel that we should be part of the solution, not contribute to the problem. That’s why we have barred plastic straws and stirrers from all our events in over 100 countries. We now invite you to join this pledge and bar straws from your drinks. If all Chivas lovers around the world make this simple change, together we will save millions of plastic straws every year.

Share your #BarStraws selfie for charity.

Have you ever noticed the duck face you pull when you’re sucking on a straw? Now remove the straw – and you have a #BarStraws selfie! Take the pledge by sharing your selfie on Instagram or Twitter. We will donate $1 to the Marine Conversation Society for the first 10,000 selfies tagging @ChivasRegal #BarStraws.

Feeling lost for words? Here’s an example post you could share:Still using plastic straws in your cocktails? You suck. Join @ChivasRegal to #BarStraws by sharing your strawless selfie. Chivas will donate $1 to the Marine Conservation Society @mcs_ukfor the first 10,000 selfies. Let's make waves!

BarStraws selfies

The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) is a UK-based charity dedicated to protecting our seas, shores and wildlife. MCS campaigns for clean seas and beaches, sustainable fisheries, and protection of marine life. "A plastic straw is used for such a short time before it is thrown away", says MCS Chief Executive, Sandy Luk. "Chivas Regal is showing real commitment to deal with this unnecessary waste pollution, and we now need many other businesses to follow their lead".

Protect the Earth, it's the only planet with whisky.

Building a sustainable future is close to our hearts. Over the last 4 years, we have been investing in social start-ups through theChivas Venturecompetition. Many of the entrepreneurs we’ve supported are working to protect the environment - including Spain’sSea2Seewho design sunglasses from plastic ocean waste, and Colombia’s 2016 winner,Conceptos Plasticos, who turn plastic waste into bricks to build homes and classrooms for vulnerable communities.

Chivas' parent company, Pernod Ricard,has been committed to protecting the ocean for many years. Find out more about theTAKE OFF projectby the Paul Ricard Oceanography Institute.

Sip, don't suck.

To mark the occasion, Chivas Regal Global Brand ambassador Max Warner created a special cocktail recipe - with no straws, just berries!

Cocktail Strawberry Sipper


50ml Chivas Regal 12 Year Old

20ml Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice
10ml Strawberry Syrup
50 ml Ginger Ale
50 ml Soda Water
Build all ingredients in a glass over ice. Garnish with a freshstrawberry.

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