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Can you find your favorite start-up in the world according to the Chivas Venture finalists?

The vision of the future, as imagined by this year’s the Chivas Venture finalists, has been beautifully brought to life by illustrator Alex Green.

The graphic designer and artist has created a varied tapestry of tomorrow’s world that includes each of the 30 game-changing entrepreneurs in their natural habitat. This future is a place where wheelchair users can stand up and smokeless cooking stoves generate off-grid solar energy. It's a futuristic landscape where protein bars are made from crickets and walls of moss clean dirty city air.

The Chivas Venture will shortly invite the public to vote on which of our 30 finalists should win a share of an initial $250,000 of the competition’s $1Million fund. From Monday 8th May to Monday 12th June, you will be able to show your support for your favourite finalist through a live vote. Over the course of five weeks, the public will determine how $250,000 will be split, with $50,000 each week being divided amongst the finalists based on your votes. Every vote equals funding and you can vote once a week.

An Illustrated Vision of the Future
Each of this year’s finalists are striving to use innovation and enterprise to make the world a better place, but can you find your favourite startup in this illustration and who will you be voting for?

The 30 Finalists:

1. iDrop Water (South Africa): Changing the way safe drinking water is bought and sold in Africa.

2. Sanivation (Kenya): Providing affordable sanitation services and transforms human waste into clean-burning fuel.

3. African Clean Energy (Netherlands): Manufacturing a clean energy device that provides safe cooking as well as solar energy.

4. SmartHead (Slovakia): Enabling everyone to promote their socially responsible activities.

5. Siam Organic (Thailand): Empowering small-scale farmers to grow rice using certified organic methods.

6. Factelier (Japan): Selling Japanese clothes online directly from rural factories.

7. DayOne Response (USA): The backpack collecting and purifying contaminated water in the developing world.

8. SoWat (Romania): Transportable systems that turn any source of fresh water into clean drinking water.

9. Sun Concept (Portugal): Builds solar electric boats for the working community.

10. Words with Heart (Australia): Creating eco-friendly stationery and printing materials, with proceeds from sales funding education for women and girls in the developing world.

11. RecyclePoints (Nigeria): Rewarding households for recycling their everyday waste.

12. FOLO farms (Malaysia): Turning hotel and restaurant waste into compost to grow organic vegetables.

13. Olio (UK): Connecting people to their community, via an app that reduces food waste.

14. NexBio (Poland): Using DNA testing to detect harmful diseases in crops.

15. Green City Solutions (Germany): Using special moss cultures to create ‘CityTrees’ that eat air pollution.

16. Now Money (Gulf): Mobile banking for those excluded from the financial system.

17. NowTechnologies (Hungary): Helping wheelchair users to better integrate with society.

18. WeaRobot (Mexico): Creating affordable exoskeletons which support movement and rehabilitation.

19. Xinca (Argentina): Upcycling waste materials into premium footwear.

20. B Y T (Hong Kong): Upcycles unwanted fabrics and transforms them into luxury apparel and accessories.

21. Livre (Brazil): Transforming standard wheelchairs into electric tricycles.

22. Sea Harmony (Bulgaria): Creating vertical mussel-farming reefs to restore marine ecosystems.

23. Intendu (Israel): The brain training platform using videogames to aid patients’ recovery.

24. Beeodiversity (Belgium): Analyse pollen to help reduce pollution and increase biodiversity.

25. SENS Foods (Czech Republic): Offering healthy and sustainable protein bars using cricket flour.

26. Laddroller (Greece): The light and affordable wheelchair that enables users to stand up.

27. Bioestibas (Colombia): Using plant stems to make ecological palettes, preventing deforestation and greenhouse gases.

28. First Respond (China): Providing first-aid training courses to encourage mutual aid.

29. SoloCoco (Dominican Republic): Employing single mothers to produce sustainable coconut oil.

30. Sea2see (Spain): Converts ocean plastic waste, such as discarded fishing nets, into premium eyewear.

To view all of the 30 Chivas Venture finalists click here.

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