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We are thrilled to announce our finalists for the Chivas Venture 2019.

20 start-ups from across the globe have been selected to pitch it out for the chance to win a share of $1 million in no-strings funding at the Chivas Venture global final this May.

Blending profit with purpose to have a positive impact on the world, these businesses are tackling a wide range of social, environmental and economic issues; from a fitness app that turns burned calories into food for those in need, to viable water solutions for schools in rural areas, and sustainable textiles created from the by-products of winemaking.

Introducing the first 10 Chivas Venture 2019 finalists…

Project Agua Segur
Nicolas Wertheimer, Founder & CEO, Argentina

Agua Segura combines technology and education to give marginalized communities and schools access to safe water. The project aims to find sustainable solutions to unique problems that communities face, such as rainwater collection systems. Read more.

Jeroen Vereecke, Founder, Belgium

Robinetto is working to make the provision of drinks in the events and hospitality space more sustainable and improve our ecological footprint. By serving tap water at events, they minimise transport, energy consumption and wastage. Read more.

Thiago Ackel, Founder & Executive Director, Brazil

Cataki is an app connecting waste generators with waste collectors and enabling the unemployed to generate income by becoming waste collectors. Promoting a circular economy, they encourage companies and consumers to recycle waste by making the process more convenient. Read more.

Gergana Stancheva, Marketing & Sales Manager, Bulgaria

Lam’on is tackling the plastic waste crisis by providing an alternative to film used for printing magazines, which can last almost 10 years. The new fibre is created from corn and Polylactic Acid, making it 100% biodegradable. Read more.

Burn To Give
Eduardo della Maggiora, Founder, Chile

Burn To Give is a platform converting calories burned during exercise into nutrition for children in need, addressing the global hunger crisis. For every tracked calorie burned, a calorie is given. Users can track the calories they burn and see the direct impact they are having through the app. Read more.

Zoe Cournia, Founder & Scientific Advisor, Greece

Ingredio is app educating consumers on the contents of food and cosmetics products without complex chemical jargon. Users photograph the ingredient label and are instantly informed about the connection of each ingredient with toxicity, allergies, cancer, and irritation. Read more.

The Sustainable Group
Jonathan Haran, CEO, Israel

The Sustainable Group aims to provide cheap and scalable housing solutions for refugees and countries lacking infrastructure development budgets via their ‘village in a box’. The self-sustained systems supply water, food, energy and gas. Read more.

Valentina Longobardo, Head of PR & Communications, Italy

Vegea transforms the by-products of winemaking into fabric, offering a sustainable alternative to leather for the fashion and textiles industries. The low impact and cruelty free material, named Vegeatextile, has been supported by fashion house H&M through the development of its first prototype dresses, handbags and shoes. Read more.

Pocket Marche
Yamaguchi Mikio, Managing Director, Japan

Pocket Marche is rebuilding the food supply chain through their mobile marketplace app, which connects fishermen and farmers directly with their potential consumers. Challenging the standards around food aesthetics, the social start-up not only promotes local businesses but reduces waste. Read more.

Continuing reading here to find out the remaining 10 finalists.

The Chivas Venture 2019 Global Final will take place at TNW Conference, a two-day tech festival in Amsterdam this May, where the final five will pitch for a share of the $1 million in front of a panel of expert judges.

BUT FIRST, you can have your say! The first $100,000 is in your hands for the ‘People’s Choice’ winner. Voting begins 9 April. You can only vote once so choose wisely!

The Sustainable Group

The Sustainable Group

Self-sustained neighborhoods and villages in a box.



Driving a circular economy for the rubber industry.