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We paired up with the Amateur Mixologist and Selasi to create a series of whisky dessert recipes and cocktails!

A straight dram of Chivas isn’t the only way to enjoy our blends. Smooth Chivas mixes beautifully in a range of whisky cocktails and adds a delicious kick to sweet desserts.

We paired up with the Amateur Mixologist and Selasi to create a series of whisky dessert recipes and cocktails, all created using our iconic blends.

They whipped up an affogato with Chivas 12, a sweet and sour pairing of whisky baba and a Tropical Chivas Sour with Chivas XV, and a chocolate feast with whisky truffles and a Chocolate Skyline with Chivas 18.

See their recipes for each blend below, plus watch them bring each drink and dessert together to see how you can recreate them at home.


Enjoy our twist on a traditional Italian affogato with this whisky based dessert. Smooth ice cream laced with Chivas 12 sits atop coffee jelly and a whisky coffee liqueur, garnished with a crunchy tuile biscuit.

Affogato liqueur

50ml Chivas 12
20ml Oloroso sherry
10ml orgeat
2 drops coffee bitters

Stir all ingredients together.

Chivas ice cream

9g Chivas 12
450g whole milk
70g double cream
30g milk powder
40g dextrose
60g sugar
3g ice cream stabiliser

1. Bring the milk and cream to a gentle boil, until it reaches 50°C
2. Stir consistently and add the stabiliser, milk powder, sugar and dextrose
3. Keep stirring until the temperature reaches 85°C, remove from the heat and pass through a mesh
4. Cool immediately to 4°C by placing the bowl in a cold-water bath
5. Stir in Chivas 12 once it has cooled and chill immediately

Coffee jelly

100g espresso
2g gelatine

1. Soften the gelatine in cold water for a few minutes
2. Remove the softened gelatine from the cold water and squeeze out any excess water, then stir thoroughly into warm espresso
3. Pour into a flat tray and freeze for later.


50g unsalted butter (room temperature)
50g icing sugar
50g egg whites
50g plain flour

1. Mix the butter and sugar, forming smooth paste, add half the egg whites and half the flour, and mix well. Repeat the process until everything is used up
2. Chill for 20 minutes Pre-heat the oven at 1
3. 60°C fanMake a stencil and fill thinly with the mix
4. Bake in a pre-heated oven for four minutes
5. Roll immediately around the handle part of a wooden spoon whilst still warm to create tuile – work very quickly before the biscuits harden.

See how Matt and Selasi assembled their affogato below.


Heard of the rum baba? Let us introduce you to the whisky baba with Chivas XV. Selasi’s sweet baba pairs perfectly with the Amateur Mixologist’s Tropical Chivas Sour, each featuring zingy grapefruit, sweet mango and Chivas XV.

Tropical Chivas Sour

50ml Chivas XV
25ml mango juice
25ml grapefruit juice
1 egg white
Top with tokaji
Green tea to garnish

Shake Chivas XV, mango juice, grapefruit juice and egg white together with 1-2 ice cubes. Shake until dissolved. Double strain and add drizzle of tokaji. Garnish with green tea.

Baba dough

187g plain flour
9g caster sugar
38g unsalted butter
2.5g table salt
100g eggs
8g dried yeast
87g water
2 ripe mangoes
Glaze (50g cream or milk and 50g eggs)

1. Knead together all the above ingredients bar the butter in a mixer attached with a dough hook
2. Knead for 15 minutes until smooth and elastic
3. Add the butter in stages and continue to knead until elastic, smooth and soft
4. Place in a clean bowl and cover with film and prove for 1.5 hours
5. After this time, it should have risen (doubled in size)
6. Grease and line the baba tins or ramekins with extra butter and measure out 30g each into each tin
7. Cover and allow to prove in a warm place for approximately 1 hour
8. Preheat the oven to 190°C fan
9. Glaze the babas with the cream and egg mix but carefully brushing the dough
10. Bake the babas for 25-30 mins until golden.

Chivas syrup

1000g water
500g caster sugar
200g Chivas XV
1 vanilla pod

1. Cut the vanilla pod in half and scrape the seeds out into a large pot
2. Add the pod, water and sugar and boil to 80°C
3. Take off the heat and add the whisky and stir
4. Soak in the baba fully and keep stirring until fully soaked
5. Scoop out the babas and place them on a cooling rack to allow the whisky syrup to drizzle out.

Julienne grapefruit

1 grapefruit
100g caster sugar
50g neutral glaze
20g Chivas whisky

1. Wash and peel the grapefruit with the thin white skin.
2. Cut off any excess white skin.
3. Squeeze the grapefruit into a medium pan to collect the juice. Cut the peel into strips and blanch 3 times in boiling water (changing the water each time)Make a syrup by adding the juice, water and sugar.
4. Cook until sugar is dissolved and add the grapefruit stripsCook for a further 10 mins on medium heat.

Hazelnut crumble

100 ground hazelnut
100g demerara sugar
100 unsalted butter
100g plain flour

1. Bring all the mixture together and make a rough crumble
2. Chill for 20-30 minutes
3. Preheat the oven to 170°C fan
4. Bake the crumble or 25 minutes, making sure to give it a stir occasionally to ensure an even bake.

To finish

2 ripe mangoes
1 grapefruit, peeled and sectioned
Microgreens (optional)

Watch the video below to see how to bring everything together.


Chivas 18 features gorgeous chocolate notes, making it a natural choice in these rich recipes. Enjoy Selasi’s Chivas truffles while sipping on the Amateur Mixologist’s Chocolate Skyline, featuring chocolate-washed Chivas 18 to emphasise its rich and creamy notes.

Chocolate Skyline

60ml chocolate washed Chivas 18*
15ml sweet vermouth

Stir ingredients together with ice. Strain into chilled glass.

*How to chocolate wash:

1. Melt chocolate
2. Add to whisky and stir
3. Place in fridge overnight, chocolate will set and float
4. Make a hole in the set chocolate and pour through a filter or cheesecloth to remove any smaller particles
5. Result is the liquid has a creamier mouthfeel with deeper chocolate notes.


Chocolate shells
Basic syrup (500g sugar, 100g liquid glucose, 250g water)
150g Chivas 18
Gold leaf (to decorate, optional)

1. Boil the syrup ingredients to 105°C and add Chivas 18. Leave to cool
2. When cool, fill chocolate shells with the syrup about 2/3 full and cover with tempered chocolate by piping in a spiral manner from the edge to the centre and allow the chocolate to set
3. Wrap individually with cling film
4. Roll in tempered chocolate and decorate with edible gold leaf.

Remember to tag us on Instagram in your recreations! If you’re interested in more whisky cocktail recipes, take a look at our collection made using Chivas Regal.

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